Cruising Manteca

“Cruising Manteca” is a truly people pleasing mural that was designed by D.S. Gordon with the participation and input of many of the original Manteca Cruisers. It has been truly entertaining to hear the stories and see the many snapshots from the forties up through the early seventies. The street scene comes to life with the cars and the people that were Manteca. You can feel the excitement of the young people as they enjoy the interaction of other teens after school, homework, and chores were all completed. Cruising was an important part of the local entertainment. With a tank full of gas and a few friends in the car, you were set for the evening. Dave Gordon painted this mural with help from his friends, Ella Yates (who painted many of the faces) and Pete Evaristo, as well as his son Ben Gordon. It isn’t hard to see that people love this mural and the good times it represents. Our dedication for the “Manteca Cruise” included a car show and a cruise of downtown. This huge 14’ by 138’ mural was painted on the north-facing wall of 136 N. Main Street. Come see it at night when the lights lead you down the streets to the past.

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