Cow-munity Mural

“Cow-munity Mural” was our second mural-in-a-weekend project painted by volunteers. This was a very heartwarming project because so many of the volunteer artists had stories to tell about their lives on the dairies. This project really touched the people in our community, some of them even brought photos of their favorite cows to share with us! D.S. Gordon acted as designer and Master Muralist with the assistance of Pete Evaristo as co-muralist. We also had some terrific help from local artists; Guillermo Kelly, Terri Pasquini, and Jim Quinonez. This 13.5’ by 95’ mural (a huge work for volunteers to complete in only two days!) is painted on the west-facing wall of the old Mars Department Store at 230 W. Yosemite Avenue. It was dedicated October 2, 2005.

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