Mossdale Crossing

“Mossdale Crossing” is our 32nd mural, located on the wall of the Spin Cycle in the 100 block of East Yosemite Ave. The latest mural depicts the historic railroadFINAL link of the 1800 mile Transcontinental Railroad at the San Joaquin River on Sept. 8, 1869.

The mural was a Mural-in-weekend project during the Manteca Centennial 2019 Celebration, bringing together community members to paint and assist with the completion of the mural under the direction of muralist, Dave Gordon. The Golden spike celebration taking place at Promontory, Utah on May 10, 1869 was not the true completion of the transcontinental railroad. That only connected the east to Sacramento. The work on the bridge crossing the San Joaquin River at the small settlement of Mossdale had not been completed until Sept. 8, 1969.

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