Rich with the Spoils of Nature

As part of the 2007 Biannual Public Art and Mural Symposium held in Manteca, we had an invitational mural competition. Eight North American artists were asked to paint 5ft X 8ft murals that depicted the bounty of the Central Valley. These eight murals are now hanging in the Manteca Senior Center at 295 Cherry Lane.

Second place went to Colleen Mitchell-Veyna of Tulare, California for her pastoral mural, “Rich with the Spoils of Nature.” A farmer stands and surveys his farm with his dog by his side. You can see the detail of the weave on his hat in the shadows thrown on his face. It is a lovely image that evokes not only the vision but the smells and sounds of the farm as well. Dairy is an important part of the agriculture in our area and this mural is definitely a local favorite.

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